Associated Works

Wall Ties, Resin Anchor Fixing & Testing

EPS provide a service to carry out replacement of wall ties and structural retaining remedies to most building fabrics.

We are able to install resin anchors and various fixings and provide suitable pull testing to ensure the integrity of the Fixings and Anchors.

Dustless Chasing

EPS carry out Dust Free chasing for conduits, floor channels and box’s. Using the latest equipment available this ensures All site personnel are not exposed to harmful dust and

will provide a safe working areas to all other trades in the working areas.

Cutting & Drilling Steel

EPS provide a service to carry out drilling of steel work using magnetic drills up to a maximum 100mm diameter.

We are able to cold cut using diamond wire saws and cut off saws providing a safe method for cutting large and small steel structures when conventional hot works are restricted.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the essential first stage treatment of a substrate before the application of any coating. The performance of a coating is significantly influenced by its ability to adhere properly to the substrate material.

It is generally well established that correct surface preparation is the most important factor affecting the total success of surface treatment. The presence of even small amounts of surface contaminants, oil, grease, oxides etc. can physically impair and reduce coating adhesion to the substrate.

Using various types of equipment EPS are able to provide a service that will ensure your project has the best surface for all new coatings to adhere to.