• EPS Testimonials

    EPS Testimonials

Diamond drilling is the most efficient way of creating holes and slots from 10mm to 1m in diameter, to virtually unlimited depths. Openings can be drilled through all types of concrete and brickwork for various installations. This is very economical way of forming required penetrations in a buildings fabric.

Kieran Mulrooney

Senior Project Manager

VINCI Construction UK

Just a note of thanks for the efforts from Wring Demolition over the weekend and also in the weeks running up to the bridge removal. Thanks to yourself in particular but could you also pass our thanks on to Ian, Mark, Steve, Simon and Josh….. also the Wring operatives , EPS, TRS, King Lifting and Ainscough…… contributions from a lot of individuals over the weekend and the weeks before which made for the successful removal of the bridge. I appreciate a lot of hours were worked and a lot of sleep was lost…. certainly not something to be done every weekend. We appreciate the help and efforts from Wring demolition and all the others involved, without which I don’t believe this bridge removal would have been the success it was.