Bristol City Centre New Metro Scheme

EPS we employed to remove a 700mm thick reinforced with 32mm steel bar concrete slab that was cast on top of the existing culvert spanning the old harbour in central Bristol, adjacent to the perimeter of the slab were fibre optic cables, electric cables, water mains and finally a main sewer all posing to be problematic for Conventional demolition methods.

EPS Drilling were appointed to produce a method that would be effective without risk in causing any damage and also due to the location public presence, noise was also a concern.

We produced a suitable method of Drilling and Bursting with Track Sawing that would be controlled and virtually noise free to the surrounding public. The method proved effective working around the underground services with minimal disruption to the site.

  1. The duration of the project was 8 weeks.
  2. 400 tons of reinforced concrete was carefully removed
  3. 536 mtrs of drilling was completed to allow the bursting heads to sit in.
  4. There was no damage to any services or the culvert proving with the right method was carried out for the project.

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